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Divisions in IDPA

There are 5 Divisions in IDPA, each with its own parameters from an equipment perspective.  Here are some of my choices for the various Divisions.

Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP)

CDP is usually thought of as the 1911 Division, but there are other viable alternatives as well, such as this XD .45 ACP Tactical.  The only "upgrades" on this one are a solid stainless guide rod (Don's Fat Guide Rod), and Trijicon Night Sights.

XD45 Tactical

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Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)

ESP is host to a myriad of contenders, one of which is my choice - the XD9 Tactical.  The slide on the one pictured below was nickel-plated to reduce holster wear and to set it apart from the crowd.  I have also replaced the factory guide rod with a solid stainless one (Don's Guide Rod).  The sights are Tru Dot Night Sights by Meprolight.

XD9 Tactical

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Stock Service Pistol (SSP)

SSP is where you will find more Glock pistols than anything else, but there are numerous other pistols that fit the bill for effective competition, such as this Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm.  This one is bone stock - no aftermarket parts, etc.  This particular one is brand new, and I haven't had a chance to shoot it in a match yet.  I did, however, have a 4" model that was very effective for me in SSP.

M&P 9L

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Enhanced Service Revolver (ESR)

One of the most popular revolvers used in the ESR division is the S&W 625 in .45 ACP.  Below is a picture of mine.  It has the Miculek competition grips, a fiber optic front sight, lightly chamfered cylinder chambers, and a little internal work just to lighten and smooth the trigger pull a bit.  One advantage to shooting a "moon-clipped" revolver is the fact that it's easier to collect the spent brass after shooting.

S&W 625

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Stock Service Revolver (SSR)

SSR is the other Revolver category and is a lot of fun.  Of the two Revolver divisions, I guess I enjoy this one the most.  Maybe because the recoil of the .38 Special +P is so much less than that of the .45 ACP above.  It is a little more tedious to gather the brass after shooting than the ESR, but it's certainly easier to find than after shooting most autos.  Here's a picture of my S&W 686 configured with Miculek grips, Weigand front sight base with fiber optic sight blade, and a little internal work to smooth things up.  Also, it has a custom bead-blast finish on it just to be different.

S&W 686

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