Mike's Shooting Pages

Not quite an obsession...but close!


Welcome to my first shot (pun intended) at a website for the hobby I enjoy most - shooting.  You probably won't find any information on this website that you can't find somewhere else, but I hope you enjoy browsing around.

While there are multiple shooting sports out there to choose from, the one I participate in most frequently is International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). 

I guess the main reason I like IDPA so much is because of the friendships that I've made.  It started out for me as just a way to become more familiar with my pistols and learn to shoot a little better.  Needless to say it has expanded into a bit more than that.

The other reason that I have taken to IDPA is that anyone can play (and yes, it is a game whether others who shoot will admit it or not).  While there are a few rules around the equipment, IDPA has tried to keep the sport from becoming an equipment race.  For a little more information about IDPA, click here.