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Local Matches

Here in Central Arkansas, there is somewhere to shoot IDPA almost every weekend.  Area clubs host these matches, and local club members help design and setup the Courses of Fire (CoFs).  While some of the clubs may not have as extensive array of props as others, we always manage to have a good time when shooting these local matches.

Local Match Schedule

1st Saturday - Last Resort Gun Range just north of Pine Bluff @ Gravel Pit Road (I-530 Exit 27)

2nd Saturday - Pine Bluff Gun Club (PBGC) south of Pine Bluff in Cleveland County

3rd Saturday - Jefferson County Gun Club (JCGC) in Pine Bluff OR Central Arkansas Shooter's Association (CASA) in Little Rock

4th Saturday - Benton Gun Club in Bauxite OR Mountain Valley Sportsman's Association (MVSA) in Hot Springs

For more information on these club matches, please visit the club websites by clicking on the hyperlinks above.  Note: JCGC nor Last Resort have websites at this time.  If you would like more information on the IDPA Matches for either of these clubs, please email me.